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Weight Loss Tips: Eliminate These Four Empty Calorie Ingredients Today!

April 27th, 2011|

These days it’s hard to tell what’s healthy and what’s not when you enter a grocery store, especially when you are trying to lose weight and/or maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Weight Loss and Eating Disorders: Not Just for the Younger Generation

April 22nd, 2011|

When hearing the terms Anorexia, Bulimia, or other eating disorders, one typically pictures an adolescent or young adult struggling with self esteem issues, or battling a fear of obesity as

Running for Weight Loss: Six Injury Prevention Tips for Your Joints

April 20th, 2011|

Find a Decent Pair of Running shoes

Asics, New Balance and Saucony are the popular running shoe brands. Many marathon runners recommend Asics as the brand of choice.  If you are

Weight Loss and Reality Shows: Is it Realistic?

April 15th, 2011|

With the rising popularity of weight loss and growing knowledge of the public about the inherent risks of obesity, I feel that it is important to be aware of stereotypes

Weight Loss, Fitness, and Binge Eating Q&A Session

April 13th, 2011|

These come from a collection of fitness and weight loss-related questions that have been submitted to me through email.  Submit your questions to us through email or leave them as

7 Fitness Tips to Make your Gym Time Count

April 8th, 2011|

Half the battle of an exercise program is walking into the gym, but what happens once we are there?  How do we ensure that our 45 minutes of gym time