Consistent Fitness Routines Depend on Organization

November 30, 2012 By: consultant 2 Comments

During the holiday seasons even the most consistent exerciser struggles to stay “on program.”  We are used to a certain level of busyness, and when that level is greater than normal, something always suffers.  People who organize added tasks often succeed in maintaining their regular workout routines.  Why?  Because organization leads to expediency, and expediency takes less time than inefficiency.

The key to organization is planning.  At Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts we make planning and goal setting a top priority. That is why everyone participates in motivational coaching workshops to help you discover why you are not reaching your personal goals.  Try to somehow record the added tasks that await you–either by using your organizer, by speaking into a recording devise, or by relying on basic pen and paper lists.  Having a running list, will help you group tasks together in a time-saving manner.  People who rely on memory alone end up making multiple trips to accomplish the same tasks that list-makers finish in one trip.

It is especially true during hectic seasons that you keep your workout paraphernalia organized.  Mornings that used to allow time for packing a gym bag are busier. If you had the foresight the night before, your gym bag is ready to grab–you have your sneakers, clean socks, fresh water bottle, sweat towel, Nano, personalized Shane Fitness workout, toiletries for showering, and a change of clothes.  Even with the new added tasks, you can still accomplish your workout because you are prepared and organized.  In the same circumstance, a disorganized person who must first start searching for her sneakers is destined to skip the workout.  Similarly, sticking to a good nutritional plan is easy if you organize your food options in advance—perhaps you have a great snack in your gym bag that you whipped up quickly from The Shane Diet Cookbook.  Disorganized people find themselves overwhelmed, lacking time and clear judgment, which can lead them to making fattening food choices.

The philosophy behind becoming organized is completely contrary to the philosophy required for remaining disorganized: only when you are willing to delay gratification (which leads to long term benefits), instead of opting for immediate gratification (which prevent long term benefits), can you start to become organized.  Deciding whether or not to pack the gym bag in advance is a perfect example of how these philosophies work: You about to relax at night, when thoughts of the morning cross your mind.  You either choose to relax, putting off replenishing you gym bag right, (letting the desire for the immediate gratification of relaxing win you over), or you delay the gratification of relaxing, and pack the bag.  Taking the time to do a chore in advance is like making an investment: the initial effort takes time and energy, but the rewards down the line are many-fold.

Ask yourself what your priorities are in creating a healthful lifestyle.  Then choose to invest some time in those priorities.  Prepare ahead of time the pieces that will make your puzzle fit, and you will reap the reward of a balanced result. You are worth it!

Rosie’s Top Tips for After Shane

November 13, 2012 By: office 3 Comments

This is really special guest post for us- Rosie was a guest at the Shane Diet & Fitness New York resort this summer, and has become one of our Success Stories.  She’s been working hard ever since she left to continue to achieve her weight loss goals while attending college and studying to become a fitness trainer- something she never thought possible before this summer.  Rosie shared with us her top ten habits, thoughts and reminders that have helped her continue her weight loss.

  1. Stick to the routine, even if it isn’t strictly the Shane routine, pick times of the day that work for you to eat and exercise and stick to them.
  2. Don’t get hungry, whatever you do avoid going long periods of time without food, it won’t help weight loss and you’ll end up eating something unhealthy.  Also don’t save up all your calories to eat badly, if you’re going to eat badly plan for it but don’t avoid food all day.
  3. Don’t feel guilty, if you want something so badly you can’t think straight… have it, have a small portion, don’t do it all the time, work out a bit more that week but don’t beat yourself up about it. Own your decisions.
  4. Don’t forget where you’re going, or where you came from. If it feels like progress is slow once you get home don’t forget all the progress you’ve already made and don’t let slow progress stop you feeling achievement or set you back. Even slow progress is a step in the right direction and if you can accept it’s not going to happen overnight you’ll do better in the long run.
  5. Fight cravings, recognize that cravings aren’t usually hunger and tackle them, if it’s an appropriate time to eat have a healthy alternative. If not occupy yourself, take up knitting or paint your nails, read a magazine or have a hot drink like green or herbal tea. Do whatever works for you as a distraction.
  6. Reward yourself, every time you have a healthy home cooked meal rather than a take out or don’t buy that chocolate bar on the way home or take a pack lunch to work. Use the money you save to buy yourself a new outfit or a recipe book.
  7. Be goal oriented, without something to aim for its hard to stay on track, whether it’s a weight to lose, a weight to lift or a race to finish achieving goals is a great way to mark progress. And if it doesn’t happen first time round don’t despair, reassess and try again.
  8. Don’t weigh yourself every day, by all means once a week, even make a chart but don’t do it every day you’ll get sucked up in the little numbers and it won’t feel like you’re making progress when you are.
  9. Keep in touch, Shane creates an environment where you live, eat, sleep and work out with the same people, you go through a lot with them, they are your friends, your family and your support network while you’re there. Don’t lose that when you get home, the staff and the programme will be there for you long after you leave but so will everyone else and it’s a great opportunity to make life long friends. Make sure you utilize that.
  10. And most of all, do not, under any circumstances, give up. You might stop losing weight, you might even gain a few pounds, maybe you’re injured, something is going on at home or at school or you just don’t feel like its worth it. But this is your life, you only get one and it’s never too late to make the most of it. Take the opportunity to get healthy, get fit and enjoy your body.


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