Good Grains for Weight Loss

September 1st, 2015|

Written by Katie Papo
We often consider all grains to be ‘bad carbohydrates’ and dismiss them as being unhealthy for us which is far from the truth. Fitness enthusiasts are known to eat quinoa as

A Guide to Proper Restaurant Eating for Enhanced Weight Loss

August 27th, 2015|

Written by Katie Papo
Knowing how to eat when you’re away from home can be challenging.  We can always research the restaurants that we go to and find out what kind of produce

The Glycemic Index Made Simple (And How It Can Help You Lose Weight!)

August 20th, 2015|

Written by Katie Papo
We’ve all heard about the importance of eating “low on the glycemic index,” but what does this really mean? And more importantly, can we really use the

Flawless Footwear for Weight Loss Running

August 18th, 2015|

Written by Katie Papo
Many regular runners will experience problems with their feet, ankles, or knees at one point or another. If one of these issues pertains to you with running

Six Tips for Healthy Food Shopping

August 12th, 2015|

Written by Katie Papo
Our nation has reached an age where it is no longer easy to distinguish what is food and what is not. Since modern science has advanced so

8 Ways to Take the Reigns on Your Weight Loss Journey

August 10th, 2015|

Written by Katie Papo
It’s time to become active participants in our health. Sometimes it’s all too easy to blame external factors for our health issues. And don’t get me wrong–