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Lose Weight at Your Desk: Yoga for Computer Users

September 24th, 2015|

Written by Katie Papo
All of us know for the most part that the body is meant to run, jump, climb, and gather food—not to sit at a computer all day. Millions

The Best Weight Loss Routine to Start Your Day

September 3rd, 2015|

Written by Katie Papo
It’s easy to find thousands of weight loss tips online, including trends and fads, tips from amateur exercise enthusiasts, fitness professionals, and medical experts.  It can seem

6 Ways to Pack Healthy Protein for Weight Loss Into Every Meal

July 20th, 2015|

Getting quality protein is extremely important, no matter which diet you choose. We need to know how much protein we are getting, how much protein we need for weight loss,

What Kind Of Fiber Does Your Body Need For Weight Loss?

July 10th, 2015|

Written by Katie Papo
There are very few successful diets out there that will tell you to limit your fiber intake. Most diets, even the extreme and trendy ones, acknowledge the

Exercise and Weight Loss: Winner of the “Best Couple” Award

July 8th, 2015|

Years ago, our ancestors weren’t worried about getting enough exercise, or making an exercise and weight loss plan, because they needed to move in order to survive. Our ancestors didn’t

Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts Debates The Connection Between Alcohol Consumption & Muscle Loss.

February 13th, 2015|

Many people train hard to be physically fit, gain muscle mass, and accomplish a wide range of other goals. We are also social beings and enjoy spending time with our