DXA Body Composition Scans

DXA Body CopmositionDXA Scanning, also known as Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry, measures total body composition with the highest degree of accuracy clinically available. Other widely available BMI charts and calculators are typically only estimates based on height, weight, and gender of the general public. They do not give a full and accurate picture of body composition at an individual level.

At Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts we are committed both to helping you lose weight and build a strong and lean body. Both of these elements are critical to naturally promote a healthy metabolism and vibrant health. DXA Scanning provides a state of the art comprehensive picture of a person’s unique distribution and percentage of body fat, muscle mass, and bone tissue.

We now know that individuals who have too much fat, especially around the middle, are at a higher risk for illnesses such as heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes. We also know the importance of having enough muscle mass to support weight loss and maintenance. Body Composition testing provides key information to you and your coaches about the state of your specific body composition at the start of your weight loss program at Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts Texas.

For guests staying four weeks or longer, at our Texas resort, we recommend a follow up DXA Scan to chart the changes that are taking place inside you during weight loss.

What is a DXA Scan?

A DXA Scan is a low-dose x-ray. The total radiation exposure is below the daily amount received from our everyday environment. The procedure is performed at a local medical office and takes about eight relaxing minutes. It is offered the first Monday of each week’s program and Shane will provide transportation to and from the office. Each person scanned will be provided with a printout of their results, which shows the exact percentage of fat and lean tissue in your arms, legs, and trunk, and your body’s muscle symmetry. You will also participate in a group session held at the Shane program led by Dr. Charles B. Christian JR, a leading bariatric physician and internist, who will explain the meaning of the test and the results.

Why Have a DXA Scan?

DXA scans are considered the gold standard in clinical body composition analysis, are fast, easy, and relatively inexpensive given the reliable and detailed information they provide. Scientific studies have repeatedly confirmed the accuracy of these scans. DXA scans yield information about lean and fat mass measurements in total and by body part. Such information can assist you in helping you attain a true picture of your body composition and allow you to chart your progress in managing your weight.

What is the Cost?

The DXA Scan costs $120 including transportation to and from the medical office. A follow up scan costs $85. If an initial and follow up scan are reserved together, the cost is $175.

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