Sample Family Program at La Cantera Hill Country Resort

DAY 1 (Monday)


9:45 – Water Class

11:00 – Core Movements:  Strength based Class for All Ages

12:00 – Family Coaching: How to Manage Healthy Eating at Home

1:00 – LUNCH

2:00 – Family Cooking/Interactive 5 Pillars of Nutrition

3:15 – Family Hike on Nature Trail

4:30 – Family Time

6:00 – DINNER

8:00 – Family Movie Night Under the Stars

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Award Winning…

Award Winning…


Loving my body…

I wanted to write to share a story with you. This past weekend,...

Sara (New York) 22

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I really can't tell you what an incredible experience my week at SDR was.

Thank you...

Mindy (Florida) 50

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