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shane-expAdvanced Medical Health Screening Is Now Available!

Our Medical Superviser, Kara Nance, MD FACP, is double board certified in internal and bariatric medicine. Dr. Nance and Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts offer optional in-depth blood testing for our guests.

The testing, conducted in privacy and the comfort of our resorts, provide highly detailed information about the state of our guests’ health and metabolism as it relates to their weight. Dr. Nance and her team conduct a session with the guest to review testing results, with follow up testing to track progress.

Could you benefit from Medical Health Screening?  Ask yourself the following question:

Has Your Weight Caused Changes in Your Metabolism?

Does it seem like diets don’t work for you? Do you feel like you have to work SOOOO much harder to lose weight than other people? You may be right!

Becoming obese leads to metabolic changes like insulin resistance and elevated leptin levels that interfere with the body’s ability to burn fat. These metabolic changes also affect the way an obese person perceives hunger and fullness, which can contribute to unregulated eating patterns. Testing Can Diagnose Metabolic Abnormalities

Our advanced lab testing can reveal whether these metabolic abnormalities are contributing to your struggles. Dr. Nance or one of her team members will explain your lab results and work with you to craft a strategy that will help you to overcome this hurdle and will work in conjunction with what you learn at Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts.

Cardiovascular Profiling

Your laboratory panel will also provide advanced cardiovascular profiling. This test goes beyond the traditional lipid panel that most primary care doctors perform. Participants will discover their ApoE genotype, which gives information about the ratio of fat, protein and carbohydrates an individual should consume. The panel also uncovers cardiovascular markers that tell whether your current cholesterol or diabetes treatment is working, or whether you should discuss starting treatment with your doctor. Dr. Nance or one of her team members will be able to explain your results, and advise interventions that you might consider. These test results can be forwarded at your request to your own physicians for you to discuss with them.

All Inclusive Cost for Screening & Medical Consultation

Part of the cost for this service will be covered by billing your insurance for the basic testing that insurance will cover.  Because more insurance plans do not fully cover intensive testing of this type and because we are committed to providing you advanced information about your health, Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts has arranged to have BOTH the consultation with Dr. Nance AND the remainder of the laboratory testing covered for only a $125 fee. This amount covers not only the phlebotomy draw and any tests not covered by your insurance plan, but ALSO an explanation and consultation over the phone or Skype with a trained clinician from Dr. Nance’s weight management team.

You will likely want to know if the prescribed intervention is having the desired outcome by testing your blood again three months after the initial panel. For $200 both the initial panel, consultation and the follow up panel and consultation will be fully covered.

Dr. Nance is happy to submit letters for coverage from your HSA or flex healthcare spending account if applicable.

***Please note – if you have an insurance deductible, the cost of the labs will be applied towards this deductible and cannot be adjusted. The fee paid to Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts only covers testing not covered by your insurance, phlebotomy and administrative costs, as well as the physician directed consultations.

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