Catie Beaulieu

Behavior & Fitness Coach – New York

Catie BeaulieuCatie strives for wellness and has experienced the ups and downs of diets, exercise, and motivation. In addition to exercise and nutrition, she believes that healthy relationships, work, and community are all components that have allowed her to succeed in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

She enjoys a mix of exercises which include walking and talking with her friends, hiking, climbing, boxing, jump roping, and weight lifting. She holds her Personal Training Certificate from Gainesville College and will has her AFAA group fitness certification.

Catie will be graduating with her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in December. Her coaching experience includes the use of CBT and DBT. While past experiences and future goals are important, she believes that working with cognitions, feelings, and behavior in the present moment are key to creating change. She is enthusiastic about working with you and is looking forward to being part of the healthy, SDR community.

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