Dianne Glover, MPH

Behavior Coach – Texas

Diane Glover HeadshotDianne’s own journey with health and wellness began when she was working as an actress in New York City.  She recognized that proper nutrition and physical fitness were the keys to maximizing her energy, so she became a certified aerobics instructor.  She later went on to graduate school and received a master’s in public health from UCLA.  Working in healthcare communications, Dianne discovered her passion to help people be proactive about their health and continued her education to become a professional certified wellness coach.

After moving to San Antonio in 2010, Dianne learned that it was one of the least healthy cities in the US and vowed to play an active role in changing that paradigm.  She created a local, quarterly publication to educate and inspire locals to make healthy changes.  Dianne is an appointment member of the Mayor’s Fitness Council and works to serve the community.  As a coach, it is her mission helps her clients embrace their potential to live happy, energetic and healthy lives.

As every professional athlete needs a coach to stay at the top of his game, coaching can help individuals function at his or her peak performance.  As your behavioral coach, Dianne Glover will assist you in defining a clear vision of you at your best and help you create a plan to get there.

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