Leah Landon

Program Director & Fitness Coach – New York

Leah LandonLeah Landon spent the first 10 years of her career in Los Angeles achieving her goals behind the scenes of the music and television industries. “Although I had outside success on paper, I was unhappy in mind, body and spirit (and fat – an un-recognizable fat)” says Leah.  She returned home to New York, and focused on transforming her physical body and emotional state. Her hobbies of food, yoga and fitness eventually became her business. She created a healthy food business on New York’s Upper East side peppered with prepared foods, catering and cooking workshops which led to the launch of a healthy children’s cooking school called Kitchen Little. From student to teacher, she continues to spread the message and share the tools that so generously healed her.

Leah became a health and wellness expert specializing in the reconstruction of the mind, body, and soul. Her innovative self-motivating take on spin class birthed a cult following. Leah’s daily practice of conscious eating, fitness training and yoga philosophy transformed her life and launched her on the path to serve others. Leah received training from the Natural Gourmet Institute and is certified in holistic cleansing from the Optimum Health Institute. She is also a certified cycling instructor, yoga instructor and a dedicated yogi.
“I am so grateful for being welcomed into the Shane Diet & Fitness Resort family. I look forward to connecting with the guests this summer and helping make a difference in their lives!”
Many Teachers. Many Lessons. Much Received Wisdom. Many Thanks.

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Award Winning…

Award Winning…


Would definitely recommend SDR to anyone...

Good results this summer means little reason to return...

Justin (Canada) 23

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I really can't tell you what an incredible experience my week at SDR was.

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