Debbie Davis

Program Director & Fitness Coach – Texas

Debbie Davis is excited to serve as Program Director and Fitness Coach for Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts program in San Antonio, Texas located at the La Cantera Hill Country Resort.

Devoted to the health and fitness industry since 1998, Debbie is a Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant, Accountability Partner, and Instructor. Debbie started training for self improvement back in the day when the weight room was not the place women went and fell in love with the sense of empowerment the gym provided. Motivated by this revelation Debbie continued to learn proper training routines, movement form and nutritional requirements from the body builders that encouraged further physical development and a wealth of knowledge about what works.

As friends and acquaintances in Debbie’s circle began to notice the improvements physically as well as emotionally, they began asking Debbie if she could share her “how did you do it” information. Flattered by the requests, Debbie began training and educating friends and clients with a variety of needs and goals. This developed into a spiritually rewarding career that ultimately became Physique Specialists, specializing in a non gym environment, using body weight and natural training routines that enable the person to work out anywhere. Debbie brings 15 years of personal experience, education and expertise in assessing and educating clients to attain their health and wellness goals to Shane with the hope of making a difference in each and every Shane guest’s life.

Debbie’s desire to build on her 15 years of experience and knowledge took her back to school in 2009, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology /Exercise Science from Texas A&M, San Antonio in 2012.  Debbie believes in being more than just a personal trainer, and has a passion to empower individuals with the knowledge to make smart choices with their health and wellness to enhance their lives.

“As the Program Director and a part of the Fitness Team for Shane, my goal is to enhance upon what Shane does by reinforcing a person’s ability to take charge of their own health and wellness and for them to leave knowing they have been properly equipped with the tools to do so.  I look forward to working with our guests to make that happen!”

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