Jackie Poplaski

Director – Program Development & Behavior Coaching /Fitness Coach – New York and Texas

Jackie PoplaskiJackie holds her coaching certificate from New York University and is a Sharecare Elite Trainer and Fitness Expert. In addition, she is a NASM certified personal trainer, AFAA certified group fitness and kickboxing instructor. Utilizing her vast education as well as her own personal experience losing and keeping off 100lbs, Jackie has been with Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts since 2010 and has coached hundreds of participants along their own journey of success by helping them recognize and change the behavior and thinking that has been keeping them from making permanent healthy lifestyle changes.

Jackie works with all Shane guests to tie together what they learn in the program and what they already know about diet, fitness and themselves, to design a personal and practical change plan for everyday life. Jackie also oversees New York’s optional Cognitive Behavior Therapy Program (CBT) which provides weekly one-on-one CBT sessions following an initial CBT assessment and the private Behavior Coaching Program in Texas.

Her coaching philosophy is simple; “Struggling with weight can color your world in a way that leaves you frustrated, disheartened and ashamed. It can also be the most enriching experience of your life. We learn about ourselves through our efforts. Both success and struggle hold valuable direction in becoming the best version of ourselves. The key lies in looking honestly at our thoughts and choices. Learning to recognize what we believe about ourselves and how it impacts our behavior provides us with personal insight to face what is standing in our way. Coaching sessions dedicate the support, time, and accountability to facilitate this process.”

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