Keeping It Off – Post Program Support

You’re Back Home- Now What??

Our guests will tell you, Shane stays with you when you leave the program.  After program support that is 100% covered by the cost of your tuition includes:

  • The Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts At Home Booklet – tons of recipes, nutrition and fitness information and guidance on how to live the Shane way at home.
  • Monthly contact from our program coaches to check on your progress and give you extra support at home.
  • Blog articles and success stories with in depth coverage of specific topics, such as the latest fad diet.
  • Facebook postings with more recipes and tips and support from the coaches you worked with during the program.

For those needing extra support, for a modest additional cost, you can also connect with our expert professionals for private, online:

  • Nutrition coaching sessions.
  • Fitness coaching sessions.
  • Behavior change coaching sessions.

And best of all, you become a lifelong member of the Shane family and like family, we will be there when you need us.

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Price Match Guarantee

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Weight Loss Camp For Kids

Weight Loss Camp For Kids

New York Google Plus

New York Google Plus

Award Winning…

Award Winning…


I have cut down on my sugar cravings and replaced them with healthier alternatives.

Thank you...

Sara (Brooklyn, NY) 22

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The scenery is beautiful, the classes varied

The scenery is beautiful, and the classes are varied...

Danah (Massachusetts) 27

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