Basic and fun cooking lessons are offered to help you learn what Mom didn’t teach you—how to make great tasting, easy to prepare meals and snacks for yourself that don’t pack on the pounds. Taking control of your food prep helps you take control of your weight and your life. Strap on an apron and join us (even eating the mistakes is fun.)

Lifestyle Change

By serving delicious, simple, portion controlled meals – and teaching our guests to know what they are eating and why – we help you achieve a lifestyle change.

That change is to cause you to crave healthy, unprocessed and tasty food and not the stuff that’s making you unfit.

And you will learn that even those rich, less healthy foods can be enjoyed once in a while and in moderation. Nothing is forbidden but all choices should be just that – a deliberate choice that is savored and enjoyed.


Nutrition Education – Cooking Video

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Weight Loss Camp For Kids

Weight Loss Camp For Kids


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