Typical Day – New York

Breakfast – Join  your  coaches  and  fellow  guests  for  a  nutritionally  packed  breakfast, designed by our on-staff registered dietitians to help fuel your morning workouts.

Sunrise Walk & Stretch – Prepare your body and mind for the day ahead.

Activity Period 1 – Begin with our exclusive and challenging “Shane Signature Series” classes  such  as  “Core  Movements”  and  “Ready  Set  Go.”  Designed  by  Shane’s  expert fitness  trainers  to  help  you  build  strength,  burn  fat,  and  master  foundational  exercise techniques.

Activity Period 2 –  Participate  in  one  of  our  Education  Series  classes  such  as  “Five Pillars  of  Nutrition”  led  by  our  nutritionists  to  help  you  understand  the  key  basics  of nutrition or “Exercise Right” taught by our expert Fitness Coaches on the most effective ways to work out for weight loss.

Activity Period 3 – Suit up for Aqua Fit Pool Training or take an express Abs class.

Lunch – Enjoy a delicious lunch and well deserved rest.

Activity Period 4 –  Not sure how to use the workout equipment in the gym? Try Gym 101. Offered each week, one of our fitness coaches will meet guests to provide education on utilizing gym equipment & machines both safely and effectively. The class provides each participant with a fitness routine to practice while our trainer is on hand to answer questions. Or pair up for Partner Training Exercises.

Activity Period 5 – Join Group  Coaching,  led  by  our  specialized  Behavior  Change Coach,  to  help  you  set  clear  and  effective  goals,  examine  your  current  behaviors  and make new choices to achieve what is most important to you.

PM Snack – Enjoy a light 100 – 200 calorie snack to keep you fueled for pm activities.

Activity Period 6 – Grab  a  bike  at  our  popular  spin  class  and  work  up  a  sweat  to energizing  music. Or  improve  your  flexibility  and  calm  your  mind  in  our  Breathe  & Stretch class.

Dinner – Dine  on  a  tasty  and  filling  dinner  and  enjoy  the  company  of  your  fellow guests.

Evening Activity – Don’t  feel  like  calling  it  a  day? Attend  a  pool  party,  play  board games,  watch  a  movie,  or  take  time  on  your  own  to  just  relax,  catch  up  with  friends and rest up.

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