Excursions – The Texas Hill Country

There will be weekly day trips to local destinations, including:

  • The San Antonio River Walk A network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River, one story beneath, approximately 5 miles of downtown San Antonio.  The River Walk winds and loops under bridges as two parallel sidewalks, lined with restaurants, shops, hotels and more. Over 20 events take place on the River Walk every year.
  • O.P Schnabel Park This site is known for its many oak trees, mountain laurels and other native vegetation.  Experience the Hill Country’s great offerings of scenic views and hiking opportunities.
  • San Antonio Greenways Are 15 miles of paved multi-use trails. You can experience views of limestone bluffs, wildflower fields, stands of cottonwoods heritage trees and local wildlife.
  • Pearl Brewery Farmers Market Is committed to food excellence, only hosting local vendors from a 150 mile radius of San Antonio. Pearl is a place to eat, play and learn.
  • Major Grocery Stores We take guests to a local grocery store and show them how to find healthier options when shopping and which areas of the store to be cautious of or avoid all together! This is also the time that if guests have any particular areas within the store they struggle with, that it will be addressed.
  • Life Time Fitness Is a cutting edge facility that we visit on occasion. We will spend time in the group fitness rooms while learning how to use gym equipment, proper form and becoming more comfortable with a gym environment.
  • Natural Bridge Caverns & Canopy Challenge One of Central Texas’ best kept secrets! Natural Bridge Caverns Discovery Tour and Canopy Challenge is a fantastic way to combine the fun of exploring a whole new element, with the physical activity of an intense state of the art ropes course located just above the underground caverns. SDR guests can participate in the 60 foot canopy challenge and an underground one mile walk though the caverns and rock formations.


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