Shanna Gwilliam

Program Administrator – New York

ShannaShanna Gwilliam is thrilled with the opportunity to serve as Program Administrator and Behavior Coach for Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts’ program in Ellenville, New York, located at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa.

Shanna has been dedicated to health and wellness since 1996 when her body weight doubled as a result of a medication for a kidney transplant. By 1998, after reaching her ideal weight, she embarked on her wellness career, starting as a camp counselor at a fitness camp for children and becoming girl’s director the following two summers. She noticed that many of the children struggled with emotional issues, so in an effort to help them, as well as adults struggling with their weight, she finished her Master’s Degree and became a licensed counselor in 2000. She has since worked as a therapist and wellness coach, hypnotherapist and life coach and has sought out continuing education and certifications to expand her capacity in helping others with their wellness goals. Recently, upon starting a new medication, she again gained a lot of weight in a short period of time. She is excited to join Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts this summer to once again reclaim her own wellness, right alongside the guests.

Shanna brings over seventeen years of personal experience, education and expertise in helping clients attain wellness. She hopes to have a positive impact on each guest as they embark on their own journey. She has watched clients transform before her eyes and it is the most rewarding aspect of her job.

Reflecting back, Shanna says, “The more I learn, personally and professionally, the more evidence I see of the fact that when it comes to our bodies, everything is connected. As you begin to embark upon your wellness goals, especially as a primary focus coupled with expert guidance, you can’t help but notice a chain reaction. Your confidence goes up, you start to crave (and eat) foods that are good fuel for your body, you begin to enjoy pushing yourself physically and you want to move and play because you have more energy and feel better. As you feel better, you are better able to challenge negative thoughts, manage stress, feel motivated and be excited about life. The best thing about Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts is that this all happens simultaneously. With your dedication and the help of our team, you simply can’t go wrong!”


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