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Olivia Luisi’s Success Story

Olivia Luisi - Before

Olivia Luisi – Before

Olivia Luisi - After

Olivia Luisi – After

Before Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts I was a senior in college just about to graduate. I had struggled with weight my whole life and my senior year was when I packed on the pounds. I knew I needed to make a change when I wasn’t feeling ready to be thrust into “the real world” because I wasn’t even comfortable in my own skin. I felt as if I was addicted to food and the lifestyle I had become accustomed to while in college and I thought that SDR would give me the opportunity I needed to get away from all the people, places and excuses I had so that I could focus on my goals. Read more


Peter Tarantino’s Success Story

Peter Tarantino - Before

Peter Tarantino – Before

Peter Tarantino - After

Peter Tarantino – After

Peter Tarantino was never what you would call “skinny.” Standing only 5 foot 4 inches tall, he was solid and sturdy, with a low center of gravity – the perfect build for a wrestler.

His high school coach agreed, putting Peter on the team and having him switch between two weight classes to compete in matches. Peter weighed 205 lbs, but much of it was muscle.

“The wrestling coach gave us great discipline,” recalls Peter. “We worked hard at practice and ran 2 – 5 miles a day. Two or three times a week, we also worked out with weights, so I was in good shape.” Read more


 Rosie’s Success Story

Rosie – Before

Rosie – After

I’ve spent a long time trying to articulate just what Shane Diet Resorts did for me. While I was at university I lost control of my eating, late nights, lazy days, too much drinking and too much stress meant I piled on the pounds till I didn’t even recognize myself.

Shane gave me my life back and I can’t thank them enough. I spent 10 weeks at SDR this summer and in that time I lost 32 pounds and 21 inches. But I gained self-esteem, confidence, happiness and I never stopped laughing. Read more



Sara Hartness’ Success Story

Sara – Before

Sara – After

I found Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts via web search. For years I had mentioned wanting to go to a “fat farm”, but never seriously thought I would “waste” that kind of money. So, when the opportunity arose, I was a little surprised that I was actually doing it. I am so glad I did.

To make a long story short, that summer I realized that while I had always struggled with weight, once I quit smoking I had completely lost the battle. The weight was spiraling and I was sinking. Read more



Anna Brightman’s Success Story

Anna Brightman – Before

Anna Brightman – After

Half way through my first year at university I decided that I had had enough of being overweight and began researching diet camps and resorts for that summer. Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts was the first I found and after days of researching other alternatives, it remained my favorite  I booked a 12 week stay and before I knew it I was on the plane, terrified, but ready to turn my life around – and that’s exactly what Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts allowed me to do. Read more

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Good results this summer means little reason to return...

Justin (Canada) 23

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I really can't tell you what an incredible experience my week at SDR was.

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Mindy (Florida) 50

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