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Types of Strength Training for Weight Loss

October 18th, 2016|

Written by Katie Papo, Program Director
We get all kinds of people at our adult weight loss resort and everyone has different preferences when it comes to working out. Depending on your

Healthy Recipes: Shane Baked Apples

October 18th, 2016|

Shane Baked Apples
Apples are abundant and delicious this time of year. Go apple picking or stop at your nearest farm stand and stock up on nature’s candy. You can use

Healthy Recipes: Whole-Wheat Blueberry Pancakes

September 29th, 2016|

As temperatures drop, we all like to stay home and get cozy with our families. Make a deal with yourself that after an active Saturday (read: get in a workout,

Desserts to Enjoy While Maintaining Weight Loss

September 16th, 2016|

Written by the Shane Camps & Resorts Team
A healthy diet, especially when weight loss is desired, should not restrict all desserts. There is room for a celebratory treat in everyone’s meal

Healthy Lives: 9 Grocery Tips for A Slimmer You

September 16th, 2016|

Written by Dan Fenyvesi, M.S, R.D.
For many dieters a trip to the grocery store is full of temptations and potential missteps. At Shane, we like to share a few pointers for you

Healthy Recipes: Black Bean and Coconut Salad

August 23rd, 2016|

As summer winds down, try out a new refreshing and healthy salad recipe. Easy preparation, just a bit of refrigeration and enjoy on its own or as a side dish.
Makes 6