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Anna’s success story

Halfway through my first year at university I decided that I had had enough of being overweight and began researching diet camps and resorts for that summer. Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts was the first I found and after days of researching other alternatives, it remained my favourite. I booked a 12 week stay and before I knew it I was on the plane, terrified, but ready to turn my life around – and that’s exactly what Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts allowed me to do.

I arrived unhealthy and unhappy. I had felt big throughout my teenage years but it only really became a problem when I was about 16. I felt like a thin girl stuck in a fat girl’s body, I knew I had a bubbly and fun personality but felt like because of my size, I couldn’t express it. I tried repeatedly to lose weight, but always took measures that were far too extreme, whether it was eating practically nothing or exercising excessively. As expected I did lose weight, but it was always short term, and I’d end up piling on more than I’d started with and becoming increasingly unhappy with each failure. I needed support and a long-term, practical and healthy method for weight loss. Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts seemed perfect. I certainly made the right decision; I left three months later feeling fit, confident and excited for life! I made incredible friends with both staff and guests and gained a huge wealth of knowledge about fitness and nutrition. I tried things which I had never tried before, such as paintballing, and got into a swimming pool for the first time in over five years!

One of the things that was so brilliant about Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts was the range of activities. For each activity slot there were several choices, from low impact classes such as yoga, to high impact sessions such as run club. But even within each session, modifications were always offered to suit each individual’s needs. I never once felt embarrassed, or under pressure and there were enough staff to take different groups in the sessions to allow for more or less intense options.

As well as the exercise classes the cooking classes and behavior coaching were also invaluable to my time at Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts – there was so much on offer that in the three months that I was a guest I can honestly say that I never once got bored! What surprised me most about my summer at Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts was the fact that I made so many incredible friends. For some reason, I had assumed that I was undertaking what would be quite an isolated journey. I was the only overweight person in my family and the only overweight person among my group of friends, so meeting other people who had faced the same issues I had and shared so many similar experiences was an unbelievable relief. I formed bonds that I hope will be life long, there is no doubt that the people I met, both the staff and the other guests, had a huge impact on the experience and success I had.

When I arrived back at the airport I walked past my mum and she didn’t even recognize me! Everyone was amazed with my transformation. I hadn’t even told any of my friends where I was spending my summer, I didn’t want them to have expectations just in case I was not successful, as I always had been previously. When I arrived home and told them everything they were just happy for me, and surprised that I’d felt the need to keep it secret. In fact, some said they were jealous, so now they join me for workouts and jogs around the park! It’s amazing to think that I, who have always felt intimidated and unexcited by exercise and fitness, can now inspire others with my determination.

I lost 42lb during my stay at Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts. I have been home now for four months and have lost another 23lb bringing me to a total loss of 65lb – which is absolutely crazy! I have felt confident continuing to lose weight at home not just to continue my new found love of life but also because I am surrounded by continued support. I am still in regular contact with the staff and the other friends I made last summer and I am armed with the tools that Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts taught me during my stay. In fact, I am hoping to return this year to Camp Shane in the hope to show my appreciation and perhaps help others who struggled like I have.