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Olivia’s success story

Before Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts I was a senior in college just about to graduate. I had struggled with weight my whole life and during my senior year I packed on the pounds. I knew I needed to make a change. I wasn’t feeling ready to be thrust into “the real world” because I wasn’t even comfortable in my own skin. I felt as if I was addicted to food and the lifestyle I had become accustomed to while in college, and thought that SDR would give me the opportunity I needed to get away from all the people, places and excuses I had, so that I could focus on my goals.

While at Shane I lost 18lbs and began to regain control of my habits, take responsibility for myself and not make any more excuses. Towards the end of my stay, Jackie [Shane’s fitness and behavior coach] convinced me to participate in their annual 5K. I was terrified to go because of the open buffet at the end of the race. I said I would only go if there was a packed lunch for me so I could stay away from the BBQ area. We made the deal and I went.

I am now an avid runner, I have ran in over eight 5Ks, a four mile race, a five mile race and I am currently training for my first 10K. None of which would have happened if it hadn’t been for Jackie’s persistence. Once I came home from Shane I did get nervous that I would fall off track, this is when I started a fitness blog. I now have 2,500 followers and health and fitness has become a major part of my life. My followers talk to me daily and ask me about my runs and my lifting schedule. I’m not a professional, though I do give encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle because I know if I could lose 70lbs, change my heart and my mind, anyone can too. I am now looking to become a certified Pilates instructor to further enable myself to stay educated in health and fitness, as it has become a passion of mine.