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Rosie’s success story

I’ve spent a long time trying to articulate just what Shane Diet Resorts did for me. While I was at university I lost control of my eating, late nights, lazy days, too much drinking and too much stress meant I piled on the pounds till I didn’t even recognize myself.

Shane gave me my life back and I can’t thank them enough. I spent 10 weeks at SDR this summer and in that time I lost 32 pounds and 21 inches.

But I gained self-esteem, confidence, happiness and I never stopped laughing. And if you do ever find yourself feeling down or losing motivation the staff and guests are there to pick you up because SDR isn’t just a camp, or a resort, it’s a family.

I met people this summer I know will be in my life for a very long time and you don’t get that just anywhere. It is clear just how hard staff have worked to make this program what it is and I can promise anyone who is considering going that it is worth every penny and if you put in the work stick to the food and the routine and go to classes it will change your life.

Thanks to SDR I start a course in February to become a trainer myself which I never in my wildest dreams would have thought possible. I’ve been inspired to help people the same way SDR helped me and I guarantee anyone who chooses to spend time there will be inspired in some way too.