Fitness custom fit for you

We provide the motivation, you start having fun again

The next cornerstone of the Shane Philosophy is Fitness. You need to have an effective and enjoyable exercise program in place that will get your body moving and keep it moving. While at Shane we will develop a custom strategy just for you, putting in a place an essential building block for a healthy lifestyle.

The first thing we do when you arrive at Shane, after you’ve settled in of course, is to meet with you individually. We’ll measure, weigh and assess your situation. What we learn during this process will help us modify our fitness exercises to address your specific needs. And when you leave, we will send you off with a personalized fitness plan for your life at home.

Many people have spent hours at the gym and haven’t seen results, or they have been too intimidated to navigate the equipment. Now that you’re committing the time and energy to care for your body, we want you to see amazing results—and fast!

Participate in a variety of activities

We offer a huge selection of fitness activities and classes at all levels, from novice to advanced. We have spin, Zumba, yoga, weight training, water aerobics, swimming, hiking and many more. The more you enjoy it the more likely you are to do it!

aerobics-video Get Moving


Led by our super instructors, our aerobics classes get the oxygen in your blood moving with sets of rhythmic exercises that combine stretching, strength training, and dance moves. You’ll get stronger, last longer, and make your heart a mean machine while having a blast learning the moves.

circuit-image1 Get Moving

Circuit Training

Combining high-intensity exercise and resistance training using our top notch gym equipment, our professional trainers will create a “circuit” just for you. A few minutes on each exercise will zap your fat, build your muscle, and insure that fewer plateaus slow down your results.

dance-video Get Moving

Dance Class

From belly dancing to salsa to ballroom, you can’t beat dance for a way to fight fat and boredom. Whether you’ve got two left feet or are a prime candidate for Dancing With The Stars, we guarantee you’ll laugh a lot and get a great workout while really rocking your new body.

hiking-image Get Moving


Anyone can learn to love to hike in our amazing Catskill Mountains of New York.  Hiking is safe, fun and you can do it almost anywhere.  Lace up!

swimming-video Get Moving

Swimming & Aquafit

Enjoy the serene indoor pool.  Swim laps and take aquafit classes, while gazing at the Catskill Mountains through the scene glass wall.  And the hot tub beckons to soothe your muscles after your time in the pool.

kickboxing-video Get Moving


Kickboxing is a super popular fitness activity. You’ll get a great cardio workout and become strong, lean and toned. It’s also a very sociable sport and classes are run so that you have a partner and work in circuits. Your coordination will improve, you’ll ramp up your metabolism and you’ll have fun!

pilates-video Get Moving


Be strong, inside and out. A series of movements anyone can do, Pilates works on developing your core strength and torso stability by working on the deep muscles of your abdomen and back. You’ll find yourself stronger, longer, leaner and (bonus!) more graceful than ever before.

spinning-video Get Moving


Hop on a spinning bike and, with the help of our instructors, visualize a (slightly hilly) road trip as you pedal on an imaginary journey. The pace varies, but the results are the same—toned thighs and an awesome aerobic workout.

stretch-image Get Moving


Stress and underuse makes muscles tight. We will teach you the right way to lengthen and loosen those muscles and keep yourself safe from injury (and we promise, it will feel oh-so-good).

tennis-image Get Moving


Never played? What a great time to try. A seasoned player? We’ve got great courts and can set up a match.  Tennis is a timeless game that can be played by all ages.

yoga-video Get Moving


The word “yoga” means “union” and that’s just what you’ll achieve in our classes. Learn how to clear your mind, balance your body, and energize your spirit, while building strength, flexibility, and stamina—all in an atmosphere so relaxing you won’t want it to end.

zumba-video Get Moving


There’s a little J. Lo in all of us. Discover your inner Latin Lover in our Zumba classes. Using the moves of such international favorites asmerengue, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton, you’ll dance your way to a sizzling body. This rhythm is going to get you.

Add private personal training to your stay

stretch-image-300x186 Get MovingMany of our Shane guests ask us about private personal training sessions. They love our group fitness classes but seek extra private instruction. Our private personal training sessions will help you achieve your best body yet and power you up to walk into any gym with confidence.

Our team of trainers know all of the tips and tricks to help you make the most of your workout. We will meet you exactly where you are, whether you have one year—or one day—of exercise experience.

Your safety and success are our top priorities. Our personal trainers guarantee a safe workout with proper form so you can continue your progress at home. We take into account any previous injuries, surgeries, and other factors to ensure all your trouble spots are protected.

Personal training sessions are designed to create the perfect workout for your body and preferences. We ensure you receive complete, personalized attention for your customized plan.

ONE 1-hour session: $75
TWO 1-hour sessions: $140
THREE 1-hour sessions: $200