Advanced medical health screening

We offer a comforting hand when it comes to health testing

We all have fears, and sometimes when we go a long time without addressing our weight loss issues, certain fears get tougher to face. Shane Diet Resorts provides a safe, professional avenue for you to consider. Our medical supervisor, Kara Nance, MD FACP, is double-board certified in internal and bariatric medicine. Our medical testing, conducted in the privacy and the comfort of our resorts, provides highly detailed information about the state of your health and metabolism as it relates to your weight. Dr. Nance, or a member of her team, will explain your results and craft a strategy that will help you overcome any hurdles. This, in addition to all else you learn at Shane, gives you the tools necessary to make big changes.

Could you benefit from Medical Health Screening?

Ask yourself the following question: Does it seem like diets don’t work for you? Do you feel like you have to work so much harder to lose weight than other people? You may be right!

Becoming obese leads to metabolic changes like insulin resistance and elevated leptin levels that interfere with the body’s ability to burn fat.These metabolic changes also affect the way an obese person perceives hunger and fullness, which can contribute to unregulated eating patterns.

Our advanced cardiovascular profiling test goes beyond the traditional lipid panel that most primary care doctors perform. Participants will discover their ApoE genotype, which gives information about the ratio of fat, protein and carbohydrates an individual should consume. The panel also uncovers cardiovascular markers that tell whether your current cholesterol or diabetes treatment is working, or whether you should discuss starting treatment with your doctor. Your test results can be forwarded at your request to your own physicians for you to discuss with them.

All inclusive cost for medical screening and consultation

Part of the cost for this service will be covered by billing your insurance for the basic testing that insurance will cover. Because more insurance plans do not fully cover intensive testing of this type and because we are committed to providing you advanced information about your health, Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts has arranged to have both the consultation with Dr. Nance’s team and the remainder of the laboratory testing covered for only a $175 fee. This amount covers not only the phlebotomy draw and any tests not covered by your insurance plan, but also an explanation and consultation over the phone or Skype with a trained clinician from Dr. Nance’s weight management team.

You will likely want to know if the prescribed intervention is having the desired outcome by testing your blood again three months after the initial panel. For $250 both the initial panel, consultation and the follow up panel and consultation will be fully covered. Dr. Nance is happy to submit letters for coverage from your HSA or flex healthcare spending account if applicable.

Please note: If you have an insurance deductible, the cost of the labs will be applied towards this deductible and cannot be adjusted. The fee paid to Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts only covers testing not covered by your insurance, phlebotomy and administrative costs, as well as the physician directed consultations.

Metabolism Testing provided as an additional resource

photo-image-metatesting Health Testing
There is no such thing as one size fits all then it comes to weight loss. Shane offers scientific Metabolic Rate Testing to our guests using our MetaCheck machine. If you have concerns about your metabolism and want to know “once and for all” whether yours is within the normal range, then the test may be helpful for you. The test is being offered as an additional resource and is not a necessity to take full advantage of the results that the Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts program offers.

Everyone has a unique metabolic rate. Scientific studies show that even people with similar attributes like age, height, weight, and body composition can have very different metabolic rates. This means that if your metabolic rate is lower than average, you may gain weight even while dieting. Conversely, if your metabolic rate is higher than normal, you may never need to diet to lose weight. Metabolic testing reveals how many calories your body burns at rest, giving you the data you need to plan a weight loss, gain, or maintenance plan designed to succeed.

Your body consumes a fixed amount of oxygen per calorie burned. Our MetaCheck maching measures the amount of oxygen in the air you exhale to calculate how much oxygen your body is consuming. Based on your oxygen consumption, the MetaCheck then figures the exact amount of calories you are burning, all day, every day.

The cost of the test is a non-refundable $75 per test,  (less than the usual $100-$125 charged by gyms and medical practitioners). Guests staying for four weeks or more can take advantage of signing up for a test both at the beginning and at end of their stay to see the progress their metabolisms have made.