Nutritional Health Camp in New York

Learn permanent, tested strategies to change the way you eat

mindfulness-eating-shane-300x188 Nutrition Made SimpleNutrition advice seems to change every other day depending on the latest fad and study. We teach that nutrition doesn’t have to be such a complicated, confusing and misleading topic. No fad diets. No crash diets. No “miracle” weight loss diets. We’ve looked at all those diets and the bottom line is that they just don’t work long term.

At Shane we supply the key answers to the daily question we must ask ourselves: What am I supposed to eat that tastes good, satisfies my hunger and my soul, will keep my weight stable and my body healthy? The second cornerstone of the Shane Philosophy is Nutrition.

We serve it to you straight

Our basic approach to nutrition is straightforward: take in fewer calories than you burn every day. Eat minimally processed, tasty foods that give you a good balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Our program menu is specifically designed by our registered dietitians to promote healthy weight loss and to be easily and affordably replicated at home.

By serving delicious, simple, portion controlled meals—and teaching our guests to know what they are eating and why—we help you achieve a lifestyle change. That change is to cause you to crave healthy, unprocessed and tasty food and not the stuff that’s making you unfit.

And you will learn that even those rich, less healthy foods can be enjoyed once in a while and in moderation. Nothing is forbidden but all choices should be just that—a deliberate choice that is savored and enjoyed.

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Cooking Classes

Basic and fun cooking lessons are offered to help you learn what Mom didn’t teach you—how to make great tasting, easy-to-prepare meals and snacks for yourself that don’t pack on the pounds. Taking control of your food prep helps you take control of your life.

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The Shane Menu

Our team of professional registered dietitians and food service experts designed our weight loss menus for optimum results. You’ll be served delicious, portion-controlled meals and snacks. And, yes, we take into consideration what you like to eat—no food that tastes like cardboard!

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Adapted for You

We understand that our guests have different needs and food tolerances. The menu is adapted to each guest’s allergies, food tolerances and needs such as lactose and gluten intolerance, Celiac’s disease, Polycystic ovarian syndrome and diabetes.

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