Not Your Average Fat Camp

Welcome to the Shane Family, where we inspire all of you

What if you could get away for some R&R at a true safe haven of a resort? Somewhere you’re embraced by a high-energy ambiance that’s guaranteed to leave you feeling renewed for far longer than the typical vacation.

That’s what Shane Diet Resorts is all about! We’re the perfect escape from all the everyday stress holding you back from your weight loss and fitness goals. Being surrounded by lush scenery and a staff that really “gets you” helps keep your mind focused on getting your body where you want it to be.

Here at Shane, the focus is on you. Your needs, your goals and your abilities. You’ll be challenged according to your own unique level of engagement without ever being pushed too far, too fast.

How else do we create the custom-tailored feel that’s kept us in the weight loss program business since 1968? The answer is simple. We aren’t a corporation or conglomerate, we’re family-owned and from the moment you arrive at Shane, you’re a part of that family.

We are not a boot camp

We are not a boot camp, but a compassionate program that caters to your needs and abilities. We approach weight loss holistically, encompassing the top ideas today in the diet and fitness industries. Shane’s Four Cornerstone Philosophy targets each individual component that’s been proven to keep people from reaching and maintaining their ideal weights. Our staff is comprised only of the foremost nutrition and fitness experts who’ve been hand-selected for their great empathy and devotion to helping you become the best version of you possible. They know how to push you past your perceived limits without you even knowing. When you win, so do they. MEET OUR TOP ADVISORS

It’s time to begin your life

We know the thoughts that go through your head:

  • “I’m so busy with work, I don’t have time to exercise and eat well.”
  • “I work so hard to lose weight, then gain it all back. So what’s the use?”
  • “The gym just isn’t fun, and I’m uncomfortable being around all those fit people.”
  • “It’s too late to change, I’m too old to learn new tricks.”
  • “I’m young, I have plenty of years to get into shape. I’ll do it tomorrow.”
  • “I’m so busy taking care of other people, I don’t have time to take care of myself.”

But as many of us know, the thoughts that go through our heads aren’t always true. And when it comes to obesity and difficult issues like low self-esteem, body image and self-doubt, we tend to believe our negative thoughts even more. It seems impossible to know another way even exists. That’s where Shane can help. Shane provides the perspective, the break from your old ways, guides you back to the real you, and puts you back on the road to success.

So ask yourself, what are you waiting for? Come to Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts now, because you owe yourself a better tomorrow… today.

***Results may vary depending on your current weight and fitness level.