Why Choose Shane


  1. Nobody else gives you the Four Cornerstones approach to building a new life for yourself.
  2. We are not a fitness boot camp or a fat camp. We’re a place where you can get away from it all and concentrate on what’s really important: you.
  3. We’re like a vacation! No, we ARE a vacation. In addition to losing weight, you’ll gain a good time. We have tons of activities to choose from. Get outside and breathe some fresh air, hike, swim, play ball or just relax; make friends and enjoy yourself. You deserve it.
  4. All of our food is, of course, healthy and portioned for you. But it’s also delicious, satisfying and served restaurant style.
  5. Whether you’re traveling alone or coming with a friend or family member, you’ll meet lots of new friends.  We can even arrange a roommate for you.
  6. Nobody knows more about weight loss than Shane. We’ve been doing it for a very, very long time.
  7. We make sure you lose weight while you’re with us.
  8. We will support and encourage you every step of the way. By the time you leave you’ll feel like we are all one, big, happy family.
  9. We offer both an Adult and a Young Adult Program so you’ll spend your time surrounded by people your own age.
  10. You’ll leave here with a New Life. Promise!
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Losing weight and maintainable healthy lifestyle is possible ─ all you need is talk to our experts!

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Would definitely recommend SDR to anyone...

Good results this summer means little reason to return...

Justin (Canada) 23

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Great staff!

The staff was great. Young, professional, motivated and knowledgeable.

Matthew (Massachusetts) 28

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