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Life changing experience

The program itself was great – changed my life for the better.

Christina (Pennsylvania) 24

Very rewarding

The staff was extremely helpful and the fitness classes were all very tough but definitely a lot of fun and very rewarding when we finished them.

Maria (New York) 18

I am very grateful

I had a very motivational, emotionally/physically-healing experience at Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts and I am very grateful to have met the staff and the people I met there!

Shin (New York) 23

Help me with every obstacle

The staff was great and helped me with every obstacle I came across while here!

Valerie (Florida) 21

I re-discovered myself...

I re-discovered myself…the people, the ambiance, the food and the laughs were awesome.

Radhika (United Kingdom) 21

I have cut down on my sugar cravings and replaced them with healthier alternatives.

Thank you so much for the [Shane Diet Resorts at Home ]book! I've been waiting for this since I left!! I am still doing great with my workouts and food choices. I have been able to cut down on my sugar cravings and replace them with healthier alternatives which is wonderful. It was difficult at first because I found myself always giving in to my chocolate cravings however, I have learned the art of MODERATION! Ha-ha I just had some blood work done this week and am confident that all of my healthy choices will show up in the results! I hope that we can all meet again next year!!

Sara (Brooklyn, NY) 22

Since spending the summer at SDR, so much has changed for me…

For the past five years and throughout high school, I have struggled with weight gain and have lacked the motivation to stick with any program that promoted a healthier lifestyle.  I have tried them all!! LA Weight Loss, a Nutritionist, a Trainer, Weight Watchers, and have even attended a ten day spa program and weight loss centers.  At first all of these programs seemed successful. I would manage to lose a few pounds and shortly after would give up due to lack of motivation. It just seemed too difficult. I desperately wanted and needed something that would help me gain the confidence and motivation I crave in order to make significant change in my life once and for all. From past experience, I entered this program feeling anxious with low expectations in terms of fun and long term results. Shortly following my arrival, I knew that this time would be different from the others. I felt different! The staff were a wonderful form of motivation and truly cared about our success. They were always available to encourage and to support our group. At any given time, they could be found offering extra classes to those who wanted them, sharing nutrition tips or simply sharing a tea and easy conversation. The staff is truly amazing!! Up until this point, having always felt uncoordinated and inflexible, I have always disliked exercise in any form. Following this program, I feel like I’ve been converted. I now enjoy the likes of yoga and spin classes and look forward to attending the.

Lauren (New Jersey) 23

Loving my body…

I wanted to write to share a story with you. This past weekend, I was invited to a company picnic being held at Hershey Park. A chocolate lovers dream comes true. While delicious foods and an abundance of yummy sweets were being passed around, I felt like I was being faced with the ultimate challenge. Naturally I was tempted, however I thought back to all of the lessons I had learned at Shane Diet Resorts and found myself making smart choices. I was so proud of myself!! Prior to attending SDR, my biggest obstacle was making proper choices. I would find myself over eating and munching on foods that made me feel ill. Because of this, workouts were never an option for me. I am so pleased with the changes and progress I have made. Loving my new body has helped me overcome many of these struggles. I have since been very motivated to continue along this healthy path. I have been trying to replicate the delicious foods we ate at the resort. I have become a huge fan of foods I never imagined I would eat. I finally feel that I am eating a well balanced diet filled with nutrients making me feel healthy and VERY happy!! I cannot thank you enough.

Sara (New York) 22

Shane Diet is not just a weight loss or fitness program, it is a lifestyle improvement program…

I went into Shane Diet a little afraid of what people might think that such a 'small' person was going through an intensive work out program to build muscle and get more toned, while everyone else there was trying to lose weight. I asked myself many times before the program if I was doing the right thing and if the people would be accepting. I feared wearing small clothes or telling anyone my weight. I was relieved and very pleased to find that my fears were quickly washed away. Shane Diet is not just a DIET camp, it's a fitness camp where we all improve our bodies in whatever way, shape or form we have in mind. The people are very accepting and encouraging no matter what your size. I loved the fact that we all cheered when I started to get more toned muscles and started lifting heavier weights, just as I cheered for others when they saw the numbers on the scale go down and their inches drop. We all have our goals and I have to say Shane Diet helps us complete half the battle, teaching us how to reach that goal and helping us implement changes in our daily lives.

Sara (New York) 22

I lost a total of 28 pounds. I am so excited!

I am doing great! I am really sticking to my new lifestyle change of eating healthy and exercising! It is hard to find time to work out when I have so much else to do but I am making sure to fit it in. I have lost about 16 pounds since I left the program! So a total of 28 pounds! I am super excited! It makes me feel so great that I can continue to lose the weight on my own. I just got the Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts At Home booklet! It is awesome with lots of the recipes from my stay there! My wedding plans are coming along great!

Amanda (New York) 21

One of the best decisions I have ever made was attending SDR…

I am finding it really easy to keep in touch with our group via Facebook. I'd just like to mention how happy I am I attended SDR this summer, because now my knee doesn't hurt half as often because of the muscle I was able to build. One of the best decisions I have ever made, truthfully. Can't thank you enough!

Kristi (Canada) 23

My son’s a different person since he came home from SDR ….

I just want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful time [my son] had at [Shane Diet Resorts]. He's a different person since he came back and his attitude about himself and his future has changed tremendously. He had only great things to say about [Shane Diet Resorts] and the total environment that you put him in.  When he was asked if he would like to go back next year, his response was 'I won’t need to go back as a guest but I would love to go back as an instructor.

Jerry Parent of Guest (New York) 21

I am so grateful for the changes that took place in my life at SDR

I wanted to send you all my fondest regards as well as give you a progress update since I have left Shane. I have been walking a lot!!! While I have joined a gym close to my home and have participated in a variety of different classes, I miss Shane Diet Resorts more than you can imagine. Shane provided me with a daily physical challenge that always made me feel as if I accomplished something by day’s end. I have yet to find the motivation, the support and workouts that push me the way Shane classes did this summer. I miss the staff like crazy and will always be grateful for the changes that took place in my life while there. It is this motivation that has changed my path and has led me to regular workouts, healthier eating habits and better self confidence. Thank you Shane Diet Resorts!!

Anna (Maryland) 22

I have lost a total of 26.4 pounds

Since my return home, I have been applying all the information that I was taught this summer at Shane Diet Resorts. I am pleased to share that I have to date lost a total of 26.4 pounds and am now completely addicted to Spin Classes..YAY!!!! I have found great comfort in the recipes you passed along. I want to thank you and the entire SDR staff for all of your help and for having shared your knowledge that contributed to my success. Keep up the fabulous work!

April (Pompton Plains) 25

Would definitely recommend SDR to anyone...

Good results this summer means little reason to return the next. Would definitely recommend SDR to anyone.

Justin (Canada) 23

The best thing for me was the confidence the camaraderie gave me to be myself...

I loved the structure of the program and I think the best thing for me was the confidence the camaraderie gave me to be myself and realize that being overweight didn’t make me less of a human being.

Selina (Denmark) 22

I loved the variety of classes offered...

I loved the variety of classes offered as well as the availability and willingness of the staff to help. The friends I made here will definitely be lifelong additions to my life.

Jacqueline (New York) 24

I am 100% positive that SDR was the best decision I have made thus far in my life...

I would like to tell you how incredibly life changing my experience at SDR was to me. I must first remark on the importance of relationships during my time at SDR. This took many forms, from the trust I allowed myself to give to my trainers, to the love and reliability I found in my friends who I still keep in close contact with today, to the most important relationship of all- the one with myself. It was the one I needed to work on the most and I found myself redefining my potential and the possibilities I had. The SDR program was integral in my personal journey to achieving that self-trust and finding the ability to love myself again. I really enjoyed the implementation of daily, doable nutritional meals. Not only learning about nutrition but seeing how easy eating healthy is was extremely beneficial to my progress. SDR changed my life. If you do exactly what the program asks, you will see results.

Tyler (Virginia) 21

Thank you for creating a program that changed my life...

For the past five years I have been completely exhausted, completely drained, and barely able to complete a full day of work. After my seven weeks at SDR, I [felt] absolutely rejuvenated, absolutely ready to take on the world and push my career further, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and not slip back into old habits; determined to continue my weight loss and stay healthy: live life to the fullest. I truly treasured my time in the program, as well as my experience with all the trainers, nutritionists, and therapist. They were all professionals, well-informed and extremely supportive. ALL not only assisted, supported and guided me in the achievement of my weight loss goal, but ALL projected sincere passion for-and-towards all the guests, and how important a healthy lifestyle really is.

Nate (New Jersey) 25

My son gained confidence, in addition to knowledge, fitness and health...

Peter has had an incredible experience [at Shane]. He's gained confidence, in addition to knowledge, fitness and health. All are important to me, so I am grateful for each of these gifts, but truly, just hearing him sound as though he's comfortable in his own skin is the greatest gift of all. It is perhaps the best thing we could have ever offered him, and certainly the best thing he has ever done for himself.I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will always be grateful to you for the very important role you played in getting Peter to just where he needed to be.

Kathleen Parent of Peter, (Dallas, TX)

This has been a wonderful experience for my son.

My son, Patrick is in your program this summer. I would first off like to say thank you so much. This has been a wonderful experience for him. I can see from the pictures and hear in his voice a huge change in him already. Thank you again for having such a wonderful program for his age group. He has lost weight, gotten healthy and has made some really great friends.

Julia Parent of Patrick (California) Age 19

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I lost a total of 28 pounds. I am so excited!

I am doing great! I...

Amanda (New York) 21

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The scenery is beautiful, the classes varied

The scenery is beautiful, and the classes are varied...

Danah (Massachusetts) 27

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