• Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts - Young Adult Program
  • Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts - Young Adult Program
  • Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts - Young Adult Program
  • Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts - Young Adult Program


Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts’ Young Adult program is available to men and women starting at age 18.

You’ll love this program. You’ll live, eat, work out and socialize with people very similar to yourself. People who understand your weight loss issues and are as anxious as you are to build a new life for themselves. Our guests come from all over the world so you’ll be meeting and getting to know people you might not otherwise come across. Recent guests have come to us from Turkey, Toronto and Texas, from Morocco, Mexico and Michigan, from London, Paris and New York.

Every Saturday night is a free night. Many of our guests take this opportunity to leave the Resort and explore the local area and sample all it has to offer. It’s also a good time to “road test” your new approach to eating out and ordering a healthy meal or picking up a snack at the movies.

Our Young Adult Program is based on our Four Cornerstones philosophy. The Shane Experience. Nutrition. Behavior Change. Fitness.


The Shane Experience is all about you. You are at the center of everything! You’ll be surrounded by people just like you. People with the same hopes, dreams and goals. You’ll be in the hands of our staff of highly trained and experienced professionals, people who really care about you.


Our food is first and foremost delicious. Of course it’s also healthy and satisfying. No starvation diets here. Not only are they not healthy but we know they don’t work. You’ll learn to eat and cook food that will keep the weight off and keep you healthy and happy, as well.


Our Behavior Change Coaching program is formulated to change your mind set about weight loss, about food and about your life in general. We’ll show you how to develop the kind of habits that lead to a healthier, happier, fitter, and thinner you.


While you’re here you can choose from a huge selection of fitness activities and classes at all levels from novice to advanced. We have Spin, Zumba, Yoga, Weight Training, Water Aerobics. And on Friday nights we have our own Yoga & Meditation…& Chocolate Class.  We have Steam Rooms and Saunas. And when you leave here you’ll leave with an exercise program designed just for you that you can take back home.

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The best thing for me was the confidence the camaraderie gave me to be myself......

Selina (Denmark) 22

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I have made several friendships here that I know will continue for years to come...


Stephanie (Georgia) 27

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