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Our Weight Loss Program Is: Proven, Permanent & Affordable

Struggling to lose weight should not be a way of life. Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts can help you choose a different way.

Shane Diet Resorts is not a traditional fat camp or fitness boot camp.

We are an all-inclusively priced, life changing destination weight loss resort program for those who are determined to live happier and healthier, and stop living life on a perpetual diet hamster wheel.

Our weight loss resort program is designed to be both fun and challenging while allowing time for rest and reflection in our serene vacation resort locations.

Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts is not a corporate owned, product sponsored, or TV brand adult weight loss program or weight loss camp for short-lived results; at Shane our friendly and professional staff are invested in helping you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals all while helping you find the motivation to forever live a healthier life.

So how are our weight loss camps different from other weight loss programs?

When you stay with us, you choose to dedicate time to step away from the everyday stressors and behaviors of your daily life and focus on you. Our weight loss resorts can help you plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle while navigating the real demands of life such as school, work, socializing, family, relationships and aging. We offer the tools, strategies, and encouragement you need to lose weight and keep it off for good. but we have a special difference; our Four Cornerstones approach.





We Offer The Tools You Need To Keep The Weight Off

The Shane Experience

shane-expThe personal connection to each of our guests is what makes us unique and helps you make the changes necessary to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. Our staff is handpicked based on their:

  • Experience and expertise
  • Demonstrated commitment to people
  • Supportive caring attitude

That caring touch is what stays with and supports you long after you leave our weight loss resorts.

As a guest at one of our weight loss camps, you’ll live, eat, work out and socialize with other people who are working on the same goals as you. With luxurious surroundings at locations in New York and Texas, you can pick which environment best suits your needs or is closer to home – and leave the rest up to us.


nutritionThe safest and healthiest way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat well balanced, nutritious and delicious food in moderation. Fad and starvation diets are not the way to go. Not only are they unhealthy; they never work for the long term, even prompting a greater weight gain than when you started. You will instead learn how to cook and eat food that not only keeps the weight off but keeps you healthy and happy, too.

Behavior Change

behaviourLosing weight is a great start, but keeping it off is even more important. You’ll learn how to do both with our unique, Shane designed Behavior Change Coaching program where you’ll develop new behavior patterns that sustain the thinner and healthier you. Behavior Change Coaching is the critical bridge between Nutrition and Fitness and the cornerstone that cements the foundation of your success.


fitnessYour stay at our weight loss spas will provide you with a new, customized fitness program featuring regular and fun exercise that burns calories and improves both your physical and mental health. Matched to your fitness level and abilities, from novice to advanced, your program travels with you from our weight loss resort to your very own home.


If You’re Ready To Loose Weight….We’re Here To Help

It’s your life. You only get one and you’re in charge of it. So, if you’re ready to lose weight and get healthy, we at Shane Diet Resorts are here to help! Whether you’re just heading off to college, starting a new career, in the middle of your life or enjoying your retirement, there is a weight loss program perfectly fit for you. We provide not only a fun and healthy fitness vacation, but a means for you to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals – and to maintain them long after you leave our luxurious resort and spa.




If you want a head start on healthy eating, you can check out the array of healthy and satisfying recipes in the Shane Cookbook. The book features easy-to-make dishes that promote a healthy lifestyle for you and your entire family. Click here for more information or to order a copy.


Our Testimonials

Life changing experience

“SDR to me is the perfect bundle of people and programs to achieve sustained weight loss. By staying in a 24/7 environment geared to healthy meals and exercise it offers a total and complete immersion to a fit lifestyle.”

Tom (Houston, TX) Age 65

Life changing experience

“You and your staff provided such a wonderful, loving and nurturing environment. The focus on living my life while outside the program was invaluable.”

Robin (Old Tappan, NJ) Age 26

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Weight Loss Camp For Kids

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