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Ziporah Janowski – Founder & President

Ziporah is an avid believer in living a healthy lifestyle. Wanting to bring Camp Shane’s formula for success to adults, Ziporah founded Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts with her husband David Ettenberg.

“Our Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts program for adults is very special. Our guests love it because they lose weight and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle, while enjoying an incredibly relaxing time away from the stress of their everyday life.  Our guests meet new friends, and have a fun and affordable vacation.  And most important of all, we focus on changing habits so that the good lessons learned become a forever way of life.” Read more

Be sure to follow Ziporah on Twitter for helpful information about weight loss, fitness and health.

Dr. Kara Nance – Medical Advisor

Medical Health Screening & Advanced Lab TestingDr. Nance graduated from Princeton University in 1996 with honors as a molecular biology major and a concentration in neuroscience.  She attended the University of       Pennsylvania School of Medicine, where she graduated top in her class in 2000.  After completing her internal medicine residency in 2003 at the University of Chicago,     she practiced primary care medicine in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

In 2011 Dr. Nance opened her current practice, Wellessence MD, with the objective of providing personalized care in a highly progressive environment.  Dr. Nance             strives to empower individuals to adopt lifestyle changes that can keep them well and limit the need for prescription medication or expensive medical treatments.  Dr. Nance embarked on an intensive study of nutrition and weight management, and passed the American Board of Obesity Medicine exam in November 2012.

Dr. Nance is currently undergoing certification to use Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for the treatment of stress related disorders like depression, anxiety, headaches, other chronic pain syndromes, and insomnia.  She has already become certified in the use of Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Therapies (MB-EAT) on her weight management patients.  Because of her multi-disciplinary approach, Dr. Nance sees incredible success in her weight management patients.  Dr. Nance is a true student of wellbeing and also offers personalized coaching services for individuals looking to improve their lives in a wide variety of personal and professional domains.

Dr. Nance is a strong advocate for patient centered care and controlled health care costs.  In addition to her role as a clinician, Dr. Nance travels annually to Washington DC to lobby for health reform. Because of her expertise in healthcare technology, Dr. Nance has been called on to consult with local healthcare organizations, and has been a speaker at eClinicalWorks National and Regional User Conferences.  Dr. Nance can often be found at conferences that explore using technology and data to drive better health outcomes.  She has recently collaborated on a behavioral health project on the use of technology to help individuals improve their wellbeing by encouraging positive daily addictions.

On a personal note, Dr. Nance has also been blessed with four active children.  She enjoys her roles as mom, girl scout leader and a Sunday school teacher.  Dr. Nance is also an avid fitness fan and mixes it up by running, practicing yoga, lifting weights, and playing tennis.  She also loves to cook healthy foods and travel.


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