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Negative Effects of Sweetened Beverages on Weight Loss

July 21st, 2016|

Written by the Camp Shane Team; Edited by Corinna
The negative effects of drinking sugar sweetened beverages, including soda, go far beyond just causing cavities and a trip to the dentist.

5 Tips for Eating More Slowly to Aid Weight Loss

July 19th, 2016|

Written by the Shane Diet Resorts Team; Edited by Corinna
Eating Slowly To Aid Weight Loss
How many times have you ever been eating a meal and, before you knew it, all

Healthy Appetizers for Weight Loss

July 13th, 2016|

Written by the Camp Shane Team
Tasty Appetizers for Weight Loss
Healthy diet recipes are a great combination of delicious and nutritious food in one meal. In this article, you will learn

Benefits of Yoga for Weight Loss

July 11th, 2016|

Written by the Shane Diet Resorts Team
What do I actually work on in a yoga class?
There are many different exercises you can do in a yoga class. The primordial purpose

Surprising Foods that Impact Body Temperature

July 7th, 2016|

Written by Michelle
It’s summertime, and while you’re probably craving ice cream and cold beers in the hot sun, ultimately, you’ve got to add heat to what you eat to stay

Can Added Sugars Cause Obesity?

July 5th, 2016|

Written by Jessica
According to a report put out by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), calories from added sugars have increased by 17% from 1970 to 2006. Within this