dessert-buffet-300x198 How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The #1 trick to avoid weight gain over the holidays is to only celebrate that one special day. Stick to your regular routine before and after the holidays.

Here are some other tips to keep you on track of your healthy weight goals:

Avoid the pre-holiday indulgences:
Are you the chef of the family like I am? I do a lot of baking early on in the week. Enjoy your hard work on the special day. Limit your “tastes” while cooking and baking. Limit yourself to 1-2 bites of tasting pre- and post- seasoning. You’ll get to enjoy what you made on that day. For recipes that you have made many times before like your famous cheesecake, challenge yourself to not taste it until the day it’s being served.

Do NOT restrict:
Thinking you may “save your calories”, restricting is not the answer. When restricting, you end up over eating because of being ravenous and won’t listen to fullness as well.

Keep eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day like at Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts. This way you will never feel hungry and less likely to overeat.

Focus on socializing:
Don’t let your main focus of a holiday party be the food. Many times during the holidays you get to see family and friends that you are not able to see regularly the rest of the year. Enjoy the company around you. After you take food walk away from the table and engage in conversation and you’ll be less likely to walk up for seconds.

Be Picky:
When it comes to holiday foods, be selective. Go for foods you typically wouldn’t eat on a regular basis. For example, if it’s a decision between a plain old chocolate chip cookie or your grandma’s famous mini chocolate éclairs, choose the éclairs and savor those indulgences by eating slowly and truly enjoying the flavors.

Get Moving:
Just because you may be home for break or traveling to visit family, keep moving. Go for a walk, run, do push-ups, sit-ups, etc. You can still have a great workout even if you are away from the gym. If you really want to go to the gym and you are away from home, many gyms allow guest passes for the day.

Avoid the post-holiday indulgences:
Avoid bringing home leftovers that are too tempting. You got to enjoy those treats the day before. Get back to your healthy eating and exercise routine the next day!

Always remember that the holiday is only one day of the year. One day will not ruin all your hard work. With that being said, that one day it is not a free pass to go crazy and eat anything. Healthy eating is all about balance.

Have a happy healthy holiday and enjoy!