Each year, I witness the same thing at the gyms; and influx of people signing up for memberships during the month of January and February. These individuals are armed with their New Year’s Resolutions and ready to workout.  They go nice and strong for about a month or two and then suddenly they start to drop off.  I know people who pay for a gym membership but only use it 4 times a year! Why does this occur? These people have all the right intentions, but they don’t have concrete goals.

This January, Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts is running a New Year’s session just in time to help with those fitness and weight goals. With all the latest in fitness classes, nutrition education and cooking classes and behavior change group coaching, we are the perfect way to kick start your new healthy lifestyle.  If you are not able to join us in the New Year, I have put together a short list that will hopefully not only help you set your goals, but also help you stick to them.

Short and long term goals– You may want to lose 50 pounds, but we have to look at the smaller, more attainable number first.  Set smaller goals, say 5 or 10 pounds to start, and each time you achieve it you will feel much more rewarded as you will be achieving your goals right from the start.

Non-weight loss goals– Setting goals that are easily achieved will help keep you motivated and happy. Try something that you have never done before, Zumba, Yoga or maybe Kick boxing. Make the goal not only to try a class, but put a time frame on it to try a class by the end of the month… and then keep going!

Make your goals more specific– Instead of “take a yoga class,” try “take yoga by January 5th.” Instead of “do some strength training,” try “hire personal trainer for three sessions to teach me strength training.”  The more specific you are about the goal, the more likely you are to do it and the easier it is to track your results.

Some is better than none– Are you the type of person who is of “All or Nothing” attitude?  This is a great time to try and alter that way of thinking. Everyone has an off day.  Even if you can only get to the gym to squeak out a simple 2 mile run or a ½ on the elliptical, it’s better than doing nothing at all. Just pick up your routine tomorrow, without punishing yourself.

Tell everyone– Do you have a hard time holding yourself accountable?  When you set your fitness goals, tell your friends and family.  Social media such as Facebook is a great way to announce what your goals are and your friends will be there to cheer you on. Maybe you can inspire your friends and acquire a workout buddy!

Make an appointment– write your exercise time into your calendar on your phone or computer, and DON’T double book the appointment. This is your time to get healthy and fit!

Reward yourself– Don’t punish yourself for goals you didn’t achieve, rather reward yourself for the goals you DID achieve.  Be careful here, don’t reward yourself with food! Look towards your long term goals for reward ideas such as a new clothing for the new wardrobe you will have to buy after you lose the 50 pounds, or a manicure/pedicure to relax your tired feet from all the running on the treadmill you have been doing.

Try to be as organized as you can when planning you fitness schedule and don’t feel funny about asking a trainer at your local gym for help. The more knowledge your have, the more armed for success you are.  Happy New Year!