Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts Weight Loss Program for Young Adults and Adults Announces an Expanded Season for 2011.

January 17, 2011

Ellenville, New York January 17, 2011– Responding to guest demand, Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts, a premiere weight loss program for adults, has announced an expanded season for 2011, allowing guests to begin early in the summer and continue into the fall.  The program’s new start date is June 12, 2011 and will continue weekly until September 4.

Shane Diet Resorts combines personalized attention from its caring and knowledgeable staff, delicious meals, nutrition education, and customized workouts nestled in a world-class resort and spa in the beautiful scenery of the Catskill Mountains.

There are programs for young adults, ages 18-25, and for adults ages 26 and up.

“I loved the variety of classes offered as well as the availability and willingness of the staff to help,” said Jacqueline, age 25, from New York.   “The friends I made here will definitely be lifelong additions to my life.”

Kim, age 42 from Maryland says, “Your staff is top notch.  [I am] so impressed with their knowledge and each’s ability to teach multiple classes with expertise.”   And Christine, age 36, from Nevada, raves, “It has given me the motivation I need to keep going at home, how to eat better and manage it in ‘the real world.’  Thank you for this experience.  I am excited about going home and keeping up with this ‘lifestyle’ and I know I will continue seeing results.”

Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts is also happy to announce the official return of esteemed coach and Fitness Trainer Jackie Poplaski and Fitness Manager Marc Cohen.  These individuals worked at Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts during the summer of 2010 and will be joining the year-round team.

Jackie is a NASM certified personal trainer, NYU coaching certified, HFPN Coach, AFAA group fitness and kickboxing certified instructor, and spinning instructor.  She will be Shane Diet & Fitness Resort’s Behavior Change Coach and Fitness Trainer in 2011.

Marc has a variety of experience, ranging from personal training, cardiac rehabilitation and physical therapy, to coaching youth athletics and the US Army Reserves.  Most recently, Marc was the Vice President of Personal Training for David Barton Gyms, where he earned NY Magazine’s Best Trained Trainers in 2008 and was recognized nationally as one of the best trainers in the business.

Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts was founded and is owned by Ziporah Janowski.  She is also the co-owner of Camp Shane, the world’s leading and longest-running weight loss camp for children.  For more information about Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts, visit, call (914) 271-4141 or email  Visit Shane Diet Resorts on Facebook at

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Award Winning…

Award Winning…


I have cut down on my sugar cravings and replaced them with healthier alternatives.

Thank you...

Sara (Brooklyn, NY) 22

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The scenery is beautiful, the classes varied

The scenery is beautiful, and the classes are varied...

Danah (Massachusetts) 27

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