Greek Yogurt – Just Another Food Fad?

July 14th, 2014|

Written By: Christina Schoerner, MS, RDN

As a dietitian at Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts, our guests often ask me “what is the difference between regular yogurt and Greek yogurt.” Is

Potassium and Exercise

July 6th, 2014|

Written by: Christina Schoerner, MS RD

I can remember the days when I played tennis for hours in the hot Georgia sun preparing for my high school regional and state tennis

Why We Should be Consuming More Legumes and Other Plant-Based Proteins

July 2nd, 2014|

Beans and legumes rocked our menu this week at Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts in New York, providing our busy bodies with quality plant-based protein. We’ve all heard the adage 

Hydration Through Foods: What to pick?

June 21st, 2014|

Who knew the crisp, juicy, sweet and refreshing taste of watermelon on a hot summer day was helping keep you hydrated. This bright pink fruit weighs in at 91 percent

Cooking Classes at SDR

June 13th, 2014|

Written by Sonya Luisi, MS Dietetics and Nutrition

This week at Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts (SDR) NY, the Nutrition Team led a cooking demo on how to incorporate whole foods

Eating by Season

May 21st, 2014|

Spring is the perfect time to embrace the idea of seasonal eating. Right now there are so many fresh fruits and veggies available, such as asparagus, broccoli, pineapple, mango, collard